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The history about our union runs parallel with our nation's civil unrest dating back to the early 1700's. AFGE was founded in 1932 by people like you and I, hard working American citizens. There was Blood, Sweat, and Tears, from working back-breaking jobs with little reward afterwards.  “THE TIME FOR CHANGE, IS NOW!"  We here at AFGE Local 503 pledge our unwavering trust and loyalty to the fight for Rights, Respect, and Resolve.  Local 503 is located in Montgomery, Alabama and represents employees of Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System’s (CAVHCS) West Campus. We have approximately 550 bargaining unit employees with 320 union members.   

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National PresidentJ. David Cox
National President, AFGE

Jeffrey David Cox Sr. was elected National President at AFGE´s 39th National Convention in Las Vegas. Cox was elected National Secretary-Treasurer of AFGE in August 2006 and was reelected by acclamation in August 2009. As Secretary-Treasurer, Cox focused on upgrading AFGE's use of technology as well as committing to make AFGE a "green" union. Building on the success of My Local, AFGE's online membership database, Cox led the union on the development of similar tools for bargaining councils (My Council). These tools assist council officers and national-vice presidents with monitoring membership and financial data. Cox spearheaded the union's online training programs for financial officers that include a comprehensive program for filing federal forms LM-3 and 990 EZ Tax forms. AFGE was the first labor union to provide a financial officer training course online. The training program also is accredited by the National Labor College.

As a nationally recognized labor leader, Cox was appointed by President Obama to serve on the Federal Salary Council and the Federal Prevailing Wage Council, which make recommendations to the president on pay and locality modifications. He is vice president of the North Carolina State AFL-CIO, a position he has held since 1993. Cox also was unanimously elected chairman of the Executive Committee of the Department for Professional Employees (DPE), AFL-CIO which serves as an advocate for professional workers within the AFL-CIO and before legislative bodies, the media and the public.

Cox is known for his passion for organizing. Since Cox was first elected to national office, AFGE has boosted membership by more than 52,000 members and has increased the union´s political clout by expanding the size and scope of the union's political action committee and its legislative action fund.

Prior to serving as NST, Cox served more than 11 years as first executive vice president of the AFGE National Veterans Affairs (VA) Council and 18 years as president of Local 1738, which encompasses several North Carolina VA facilities in Salisbury, Winston-Salem, Charlotte, Fayetteville and Durham. He also served as co-chair of the VA National Partnership Council. He is currently vice co-Chair of the AFL-CIO's Union Veterans Council, which seeks to help veterans with employment opportunities through the VA and in the building trades.

5th District VPMr. Everett Kelly
National Vice President, 5th District

Leading the charge at the 5th District is Mr. Kelly, he has been charged with the safe keeping of the torch of equality, fairness and leadership for 148 local and the largest district in the federation. Mr. Kelly was elected president at the 2011 5th District Caucas. He urges all Federal Employees to join the local at their perspective facility.

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